Centinela was born in 1890, in Centinela State, when they started distilling its own beverage. The wealth of their own land and the process care, both resulted on a succeed of their tequila, that was well accepted in Los Altos, Jalisco.

This hit was a goal that pushed them to found the first Arandas tequila factory in 1904. Many years later, an enterprising and visionary guy, called José Hernández, acquired it and continued the tradition of making the best tequila.

He began to promote it ouside Arandas, and was not afraid to give away the first cases, he was sure that very soon, they would all be asking for more and he was right. Now Tequila Centinela is distributed throughout Mexico and abroad.

Centinela grew and became one of the most important factories in Los Altos Jalisco, producing more than one million cases of tequila a year.

After more than a century, the process has not changed. All the small details the family always considered, are still cared for and these are what set Tequila Centinela apart from the rest. This tradition goes from Los Altos Jalisco fields to their own masonry ovens with slow simmering cooking.

Centinela has the biggest celler that shelters both of the long generation tequilas, añejo and reposado.

By the time, this family has achieved many awards, however, beyond all the honors they preserve values and effort, transmitted for years by Don Pepe. Because we are made of this, great spirit, strength and tradition, that turns us in a big great family, Centinela Family.